STIMPOD NMS460 used in a new study in the Treatment of Pain following Elbow Surgery

News dated: February 10, 2015

The STIMPOD NMS460 was used in a new study reporting on a case series investigating neurostimulation for the treatment of pain and improvement of mobility and function following elbow surgery.

A group of seven patients received neurostimulation (Stimpod) post-tennis or golfer's elbow surgery as their sole treatment to relieve acute post-operative pain, improve mobility and function. Patients undergoing the above-mentioned surgery have had chronic pain with and without neuropathic symptoms for a prolonged period. There is usually severe injury with active inflammatory processes due to the surgery. It was thought that treating these patients aggressively early post-operatively may expedite pain relief and the healing process.

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After their surgery, seven patients were given neurostimulation for three treatments of 20 min each on the brachial plexus during the 10 days before the splint was removed. This was followed by 6 treatments, twice weekly of 20 min each after the splint was removed. At each of these treatments 5-min stimulation were administered to four areas: the nerve supply (1) superior and (2) inferior to the elbow and (3 and 4) on either end of the wound. Patients were evaluated for pain with the visual analogue scale, movements of flexion and extension measured with a goniometer, strength and flexibility with a 12-movement activity scale, status of the wound and satisfaction with treatment, mobility and function. These measures were re-evaluated telephonically at one, three and six months after the last treatment.

Phyllis Berger, corresponding author - "The post-operative elbow study of 7 patients demonstrated that applying the neurostimulation device (Stimpod) as the only treatment is capable of reducing immediate acute and sub-acute post operative pain due to the reduction in the amount of analgesics that was required. Once the splint was removed improvement in pain continued as with wound healing, movement and function within 6 weeks after the surgery. Only two patients dropped out of the study due to injury and a more extensive surgery being required, the rest of the patients had not developed post-operative pain, loss of mobility or diminished function even after six months. This may indicate that a post-operative pain condition may be averted with this treatment as it has profound effects on neuropathic pain conditions. Other post operative treatments include multiple modalities over many months whereas the Stimpod is a treatment that is relatively cost-effective, of minimal intervention and of short duration."

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Xavant Technology (Pty) Ltd is a leading supplier of nerve stimulators for regional and general anesthesia applications. The current Stimpod range has 3 models - the NMS410, NMS450 and NMS460. The STIMPOD NMS460 is a neuromodulation device used for symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain, implimenting a unique patented Pulsed Radio Frequency waveform for the treatment of neuropathies. The STIMPOD NMS410 model is a specialized nerve locating device, with its unique nerve mapping and locating cable, used primarily during Regional Anesthesia procedures. The STIMPOD NMS450 adds the option to monitor neuromuscular blocking agents with its advanced three-dimensional accelerometer.

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